Can I date my long time best friend? It's complicated.

I've known this girl since the 6th grade where we were like 12 or 13 or something. Now we are college graduates. I've always had a little crush on her but it wasn't anything huge, I would tease her all the time and play around with her a lot throughout grade school. In 10th grade, she ended up entering a relationship with a guy. After 6 years, they were engaged, but he cheated on her and the relationship ended. Ever since then, I've just been talking to her a lot. We talk all the time about anything and everything, but she has always made it kind of clear she didn't want a relationship out of us because she wasn't attracted to me in that way. We are both good looking people and we've fooled around before (definitely not on a regular basis or anything), I just can't help but feel like she'd eventually want to be with me. Otherwise, neither of us are really involved in anyone else and we're really close, even if we are talking about people that we are dating.

It's so complicated.. what do you folks think? Should I wait? Should I try something new? Should I just let it go?

Thanks in advance.


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  • One, you are lying about your age. Age is important information when it comes to giving advice.

    Two, if she said she's not attracted to you, she'll probably keep with that.

    Unfortunately, I think it would be easier to just let go. Or even if not, give it time. If you try to win someone's heart over desperately, that just causes the opposite effect.

    I think it would be a waste of time. To make her be attracted to you, you would have to be completely different from what you've been, and it's hard to tell different in -what-, exactly.

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