Any tips on dating an ex again?

My ex and I agreed on dating again. It was him who initiated the break-up at the time. I can't stop thinking about him. Now I feel quite vulnerable and afraid of being hurt again, but I decided to take the risk. Has anybody been through this? To make it more complicated, I will go abroad soon for a couple of months...


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  • it's nearly impossible to recapture that initial feeling you had with someone when you date then break up. After the break up -especially if it was the other person that did the breaking up - there's feelings of loss and betrayal that will always linger.

    Only in very rare cases where the love is strong does the relationship end up lasting, but in most relationships that I see, the second time around is worse and the break up ends up hurting worse as well. With you going long-distance soon, I would just enjoy it while it lasts but not plan on it going long term.


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