Do I choose sides between my guy friend and girl friend?

Ok so I'm kind of stuck between two friends. One is a guy and the others a girl. So when we first met my girl friend talked to him for a while and of course she started liking him. Turns out he was a total player, and played a bunch of girls. Anyways, she's mad at him she playing her over, but I've never, and still don't like him like that. I still talk to him but she doesn't really know. I like both as friends (even though he's pretty bad at relationships). I've known the both of them for about the same amount of time. She'll talk bad about him to me and he never even brings her up in conversation. She wants an apology from him for being a jerk. I don't really know what's going through his mind. So what do I do?


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  • i've been in the SAME situation with my friend and my cousin. my friend wanted to date my cousin so she did and he likes to get around so I warned her and he did. she said that she wanted to get him back for what he did and said I had to help but in reality, it's not going to make him feel bad and I'm not going to put myself in this war of madness. it's none of your business what goes on or went on between those two. I get that she's mad that she was played but she should get over it. she wasn't the only one and I'm more than positive that he's not going to apologize for what he did. he does it all the time to girls, she's no exception. tell your friend that while you're here for her, there's nothing you can do to make him feel bad for what he did. and if you're friends with him and still want to be there's nothing wrong with that, I would just warn girls of his intentions. why not right? you would want to be warned of a bad guy.


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