Don't people get sick of people?

My two best friends, and my sister, have all been dating the same guys for like, two years. The thing is, they've all only had one serious boyfriend before, and they don't feel the need to experience more. I just don't get it, maybe they're "In Love", but still, they always say how they get sick of thier boyfriends sometimes, and my best friend, kate has like, the worst boyfriend in the world. He has no idea how to treat a girl, it's like he's 12, that's how he acts. I just don't see why they don't experiment with more guys before they are married and have only been with one guy thier whole life.


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  • you are imposing your moral judgement and opinion on other people. It doesn't work that way. If you want to find that out for your self, just trying telling them what you think.

    spin it around, they may think you're cheap by "experimenting with more guys"

  • I think many women are afraid to be independent, so they stick with horrible boyfriends. Though, it really is beyond me.


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