I just noticed I was his rebound girl, how should I deal with this?

Ok, a mutual friend set us up. We've been on just two dates, and to be honest I didn't see him as the "boyfriend material" type for me AT ALL on our first date. and he seemed not that into it either.

I always trust my instinct so I was planning to talk to him about just being friends. (I want to be friends with him 'cuz I think he's an interesting person being a cellist)

Today the mutual friend asked me how I felt about the guy and I told her the above. She then told me that the guy felt basically the same about me. AND she also said that "well, I probably know why he feels that way. He's still not over his ex. They broke up a month ago. And he may just can't deal the fact that all his dudes have gfs except him. " :/ - - (seriously? how old are you pls?)

And I was like WTH so I'm obviously a rebound girl. So why didn't you tell me this in the first place when you knew that what I want was real relationships?

sry for not being brief :p

Finally my questions:

1. Should I try to be friends with the guy? I want to and I see no reason why he'll say no to this. but will it be weird? I'm never a rebound so no idea of that.

2. What should I say to the mutual friend? I know she's just trying to be a good friend by hoping that things will work out for us. But maybe she's better friend with him Because I can't help thinking that she's helping him by "using" me. I feel fooled and a little bit betrayed AND I'm pissed off! Am I wrong about this friend?

Any answer or comment will be appreciated! thx! :)))


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  • Just see where it goes with the guy, text casually like you would an acquaintance. And tell your friend politely that in the future you'd rather not be in a situation where you're going to be a rebound.


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