Signs a guy likes you/wants to date you?

there is a guy at my new work who is actually about to leave in a week for a new job.

we click heaps. I know he finds me attractive, I found out through someone else.

his best friend/housemate outside work has recently started to talk to me a bit become friends.

i recently became single 2 weeks ago, so he seems to flirt a bit more now.

he gives me massages to say goodbye. he downloaded all my fave music to get to know it.

he holds a stare and tries to hide a smile.

he remembers everything I tell him.

only problem is I slept with another guy at my new work last week, who he is good friends with. mind you the guy I like slept with another girl at my work.

would that be a problem? what's some other signs a guy digs u?


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  • Well, you guys both slept with other people so at least you're even. He definitely likes you from what I'm seeing. I'd try talking to him more before he leaves. You can always keep tabs on each other through texting and calling.

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