How does this whole dating thing work?

I met this guy. He's going for exactly what I want. We weirdly have the most random things in common. Without sounding creepy, I never met somebody who I thought would click into stuff like that with me. We hung/met twice in person. He's a very busy guy! I respect that.
We ended up having a movie night at my apartment. We didn't cuddle or hug goodbye. He really does respect me. We'll have talks/laughs. We've talked about traveling together.. LEAST 2 hours away.. to go thrift shopping together. Have a day together, so forth.
We talked about just adventuring out, so forth.. With him wanting what I want.. A relationship. How does this whole dating thing work out? He left last night. He didn't text me, but I didn't take it personally.. I just told him to drive safe since it was like... 11 pm. Both very late for us.
He did enjoy last night with me. Usually if I ever TRY to date, I always get messed over.
With this guy, I'm just smoothing things out.. I don't want to blow up his phone every single day. We all need space. We're not dating, but.. This guy is very old school. Very busy sometimes. I'll let him reach out to me to see if he's worth it. He knows what I want. I know what he wants, but.. Is this somewhat normal? We're considered FRIENDS. He has flirted with me before. I know to take things slow, but.. Normal, right?
How does this whole dating thing work?
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