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I've liked this guy for awhile, but I've only talked to him a few times, and they were very brief conversations. Anyway, he was at the party I went to on Friday night. When he saw me walking towards the house, he came over, said "Hey (my name)!" and gave me a hug. I noticed that throughout the night, he was staring at me a lot (my friend even brought up the subject of him checking me out afterward without me even asking about it), and at one point we were sitting next to each other...very close, too...and everyone got up and started filing out of the room to go outside. However, he stayed there next to me quietly, then he put his hand on my knee for a few seconds, then said, "come on, let's go" and got up to follow everyone else outside. Keep in mind that he had a lot to drink that night, but he wasn't acting drunk...he just seemed really, really tired.

Today was the first day I saw him since the party. We were sitting in class taking a test, and I noticed that he kept glancing at me from across the room, and we made eye contact and he held the gaze TWICE (I was the first one to look away both times).

So do you think he's interested in me? There's a good chance I'll be seeing him tomorrow, as we'll be hanging out with a mutual group of friends. I really just want to get to know him better. I'd like to date this guy, but I don't know how to go about this, because I've never gone after a guy in a group-type of situation like this before. Any opinions, advice, or ideas? Thanks so much!


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  • Yes he is either interested or playing some creepy game! Sounds like the former though. Just encourage him by smiling back and being nice if he approaches in any way - if you're interested!


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