If he wants to hang with friends for a few drinks is that bad?

My boyfriend is 23 and he likes to drink sometimes, and he wants to to hang with girls at the bar and buy them a drink. Since he can't buy me any I'm only 18 anyways, I know I can't be greedy and get mad if he want to hang with friends for a few drinks is that bad?


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  • Umm... he doesn't have to buy other girls drinks to enjoy a night out with his buddies. That's pretty sketchy, and it's not out of line for you to be mad.

    • i know but I can't say oh you can't buy them any if their just friends you know? I can't have him whipped

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    • Well, if he just buys for all his friends, guys included, I guess that's fine. If he were buying girls he wasn't that good of friends with drink,s or if he just bought girls drinks and not guys, then that'd be a bit questionable, but if it's truly just a friendly thing, then I don't think that matters.

    • So why do you get mad, then?