I want to take it to the next level but she is leaving.

There is this girl, lets call her H. We just started kind of casually hanging out and I want to take it to the next level but she is leaving for an extended trip at the beginning of June to where she cannot talk to me nor I her. I am also leaving on an extended trip this summer but will be able to talk to her while I am away. What is it that you think that I should do? Thank you

new update on this one she has some serious attachment issues and things are not going to work.


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  • Unfortunately, if you can't reach her on her trip then you might have to wait until she gets back. Is your trip after hers or occurring at the same time? If your trip is after her trip, then you could contact her. However, if the trips are simultaneous then you might have to wait to talk to her until you guys are back home. It's a sticky situation but I think you guys can pull through. I'd try talking to her about the trips and seeing what you guys can work out in the mean time. Other than that good luck!


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