What should I do?

I hung out with my best guy friend last night.who has a gf. and we were in his basement watching a movie. his dad leaves to get his sister.my friend then looks over and kisses me. and instead of pulling away I let him kiss me.and he kept advancing. I didn't sleep with him but I got pretty close.

i don't know what I should do, I feel bad about the fact I basically helped him cheat on his gf.


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  • Ick. Well I think it's his responsibility to tell his girlfriend what happened. Do NOT let it happen ever again. You should've stopped it but things happen. He should've never kissed you. But again, things happen. Tell him how you feel about it. If he tells her make sure he doesn't say that you came onto him or something because although he's your best guy friend, he could say anything to her to make her forgive him.