Why do so many people online lie on their dating profiles?

I don’t know if women lie online as much as men because I don’t talk to girls but I have only one dating account called POF because I’m not really into online dating that much. I’ve talked to a handful or so of guys and I have noticed that about 80% of them have lied on their profile. Some being big and others being small lies.

I dated only one guy on the website, it didn’t last very long as I ended it after a few months but I remember on his profile it said “non smoker” and “drinker:no” and I was like thinking “okay we have something there in common.” And when we met in real life, he smoked what you call Juul pods and he drank beer from time to time. Also he only had a few pictures of him (he seriously only had 3 photos) and he had really nice skin in his profile picture but when he met on our first date, he had quite a bit of acne. I still gave him a chance because I’m not shallow but he was deceitful with not posting recent photos and then lying about being a smoker and drinker...

Another guy I talked to on there, I went on a date with him and he looked really fit and attractive in his pictures and when I met him, he was not attractive at all! He was a lot shorter than he said in his profile. Maybe about 5’6 or 5’7 vs the 5’11 and he was kind of bigger, he was not far but he was a lot heavier than the person in his profile pictures and I even looked at him and the pictures on his profile to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind and sure enough, he catfished me. So I ask, why do people lie instead of just being honest? Someone will like them for being them. I don’t see what they get out of lying...
Why do so many people online lie on their dating profiles?
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