What does this mean?

My ex broke up with me almost 5 months ago and he has a new gf. We have had no contact. They have only known each other for less than 2 months. Both of them have moved REALLY fast in their relationship.

As for me, I have just started dating someone I really like. I am almost completely over my ex because I have had a few months to myself.

I have heard through a mutual friend that my ex's best friend says that the new girlfriend acts like me. Physically though, we look nothing alike. His best friend also says, she is not good looking at all. Keep in mind those are not my words! His best friend told him what he thought of her. My ex responded by saying "she has strong features". A few people I have spoken to keep telling me they don't find her attractive. She may have a great personality though, I don't know.

My ex recently tried to add me to facebook, I accepted, but then I deleted him again because there were a whole bunch of pics of the two of them.

Apparently he gets angrier more easily now. What could this all mean? I have to ask because I am curious, but could this girl be a rebound?

Oh and I am not looking for answers like "move on". I'm curious as to what people think. Thanks in advance!
I forgot to mention that my ex really wanted friendship, but I did not because I wanted to heal without him in my life.


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  • You keep pointing back to how his Girlfriend isn't that attractive as if to put a sign on yourself that say's he is missing out on you because you look better. Obviously just by having pics of him and his Girlfriend he is very happy. Whether she is a rebound or she is the one that's meant to be you shouldn't care. If you really like this guy you are dating why can't you be happy? If you were completely wait *almost* over him why are you trying to dissect every aspect of his current relationship?

    Your ex may want to reach out and be friends with you. You stated that. And by you deleting him simply because he has pics of his new Girlfriend alongside him shows you haven't completely moved on or healed yet. To him it shows immaturity on your part. The best way to be happy is enjoy what you currently have once you do that you will heal. As far as them moving fast does it really matter? My Brother did the same thing and rushed head on as did his Girlfriend so yes, it could be a rebound for him and her but let them be. If they tire of each other or get married whatever.

    Best thing is to live for the present. Figuring out what things mean now isn't going to bring you and your ex back together.

    • To be honest I really don't think by deleting him is being immature. If he wanted to reach out and be friends he would have put more of an effort than to simply add me as a friend on facebook. I said I am almost over him. That is true. It doesn't mean that I wouldn't like answers though. When your in a long term relationship and they suddenly move on. Sometimes that needs to be questioned. The pictures of him and the girl, were not pictures he put up, but pictures she tagged him in.

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  • If you were completely over him then you wouldn't have been bothered by their pics and deleted him. Don't get offended but honestly his relationship is none of your business. You guys broke up so why ask?

    To answer your question anyway tho, she could very well be a rebound or maybe he just simply likes her. In my personal experience, when my boyfriend broke up with his ex he moved on fairly quick (1month) but we've been together for 2years now. The only person who can tell if it's genuine or not is him.

    • I'm not completely over him, I am on my way of getting over him. I'm over him in the sense I would never get back together with him. It still hurt to a point when I saw those pics. I thought it was odd of him to re-add me to facebook after a few months only to have pics of him and his new girlfriend on his page. It just seemed as though, he was trying to rub it in my face. I see him in a different light now. That part hurts because I thought I knew who he was for almost 2 years.

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    • Very true

    • I'm only saying that cause I've been there. I over-analyzed things that happened with my ex after the fact that we were broken up and I drove myself crazy! In the end my issue wasn't him it was Me. I just wasn't over everything and couldn't admit it so I kept analyzing his every move.

  • This is exactly what I'm going through now. My ex of 2 years broke up with me and in less than 2 months had a new girlfriend. She is NOTHING like me physically I don't know how her personality is. My ex and I have mutual friends and none of them have said that she is prettier than me, they all don't understand how he could go from me to her, honestly it makes me feel better that they all think that I'm prettier than her. I've done a lot of reading online and it says that your ex will enter a rebound relationship to try to get over you and move quickly within that relationship kinda like picking up where they left off with you. They also said that these relationships never work out, I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

  • seems that he likes you but doesn't care enough to not hurt your feelings. I think he may not love his current girlfriend but he does like you; just not to the levl he may like for a deeper relationship.

    • Yeah that could be true. The only thing that is strange about that is, the day before we broke up he said to me "I definitely do want you and I definitely do love you" because we got into a little argument.

    • Good things usually take time; he's rushing himself to some ugly chick. meh ignore them both!