Who do you think is telling the truth?

O.K so There's this guy that really likes me, let's call him Gary. And another guy I'm like in love with, I shall call him Chris. Gary, Chris, I and some other friends all went to the amusement park and Gary was all over me. Literally, he was like attached to me the whole time saying things like "She's MINE!" and pulling towards him. I wasn't really for all of that but I just kinda let it go, but I was really embarrassed in front of Chris. So, yes Chris saw all of this and just ignored it or something except for once when Gary really wouldn't let me go and I was yelling at him...lol. But anywho it got cold on the bus on the way back to school and I got really desperate so I asked Gary for his jacket, about an hour in I caught him staring at me with his jacket on and mouthed to me that he loved me. I just pretended that I couldn't read lips. I text Gary all the time and since he's also my best friend so he knows that I really like Chris. One day Chris called me and hung up. So I texted him and we started talking, and the subject got brought up of who we liked and stuff. I told him that I liked him, and he told me that he liked me more than a friend since he met me. I was about to tell Gary but then rethought it. Another day Gary and I are texting and I get lost in the subject of Chris and Gary said he needed to tell me the "real truth", that Chris never liked me like that and never will and that he only told me that he liked me so I'd get over it and be happy. Of course it crushed me. I didn't let it show but I asked him if Chris had told him that I'd told him that I liked him, and he said no. So, if not Chris couldn't have told him what he said back. Chris stopped texting me after my mom yelled at me for being on the phone with him at like 1:30am lol And yes, CHRIS CALLED ME, pretty much just to hear my voice.These guys are both my friends and the way that Chris treats me now ( like I'm just a regular friend, and not a girl who confessed her love for him >_>) I don't know who to believe... because Chris and Gary are like best friends. Who do you think is telling the truth?


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