Why do so many girls give you their number if you ask to hang out, and THEN they tell you about their boyfriend?

or worse and cowardly over text

like wtf girls


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  • Depends on where you are when you ask them. I know girls at nightclubs or in a public place where the 2 of you will be staying for a while, will give numbers rather than tell a guy no because they are afraid of confrontation. I am not afraid of confrontation and I have told guys no and some guys just won't take no for an answer or they get irritated with you and it can ruin the rest of the night when you keep running into them.

    As far as not telling you they have a boyfriend, well I bet some of them do not have boyfriends but that is the convenient excuse to let a guy know you want no further contact. I don't believe you need an excuse at all but most young gals cannot just say "No thank you" to a request to go out. They feel compelled to offer an explanation.

    Oh, and I will tell you on the other side of this a lot of guys ask for numbers and never call so it can be easier to give a guy your number than not.


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  • maybe they just saw you as a friend


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  • or they are looking for a one night stand and you need to justify themselves by putting up a weak defense so they can't be blamed if something happens.