Does he think we'll date again?

My ex and I were really good friends for several months before we dated. I am a senior about to move and go off to college in a different country in about a week, and he is a junior (but we are the same age).

After only dating for several weeks, he broke up with me even though he had been acting completely fine and happy the day before. He had previously admitted to me that he is afraid of what will happen to us when I leave, and that I will meet better guys when I go off to college.

He denied that he broke up with me because of time constraints, but he didn't give me a real reason, and whenever I asked he said he didn't want to talk about it. For the first week after the breakup, he was a really great friend. He told me he would "for sure" consider dating me again in the future, and that he hopes we have more time together in the same city later in life. He also told me he is looking at a university in the city I am moving too (he had previously told me that he didn't like it there). He was basically acting like my boyfriend but without the physical stuff/how we acted as flirty friends before we went out.

But, after that, he acted distant for a couple of weeks, like avoiding me and not being very nice, which led to a fight. Now, after some awkward conversations, we are getting back to talking regularly and for long periods of time. He is also more proactive in

contacting me.

Do you think he still means what he told me before, about considering dating in the future? I know for sure that he is still looking at that university. He also told me recently that we will still keep in contact and he will mail me stuff.


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  • There's no definitive answer to this. He could have other girl friends...would be the simplest explanation, no?

    • It's possible, but I don't get his nice/mean/nice deal

    • Maybe he has the same nice/mean vibes from you? Just responding?

    • Maybe but I've only been nice and said that I want to remain friends. He is acting nice now though, he is saying he will mail me letters over summer and stuff

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