"Hanging out" what are your thoughts?

Would you use the term "hanging out" with a potential dating partner? I tend to shy away from using hanging out when I'm interested because I don't want to accidentally send the wrong signal.

I tend to say things like "go out somewhere" or "do you want to do something later?" as oppose to hanging out if I have some interest in them. What about you?


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  • dont ever say hanging out because that for friends only but if your interested then let her know and don't be afraid of saying hey lets go out tonight and there you go instant date because I've been doing that with this girl that I'm talking to and shell all for it because I have confidence and that's what every guy should have just don't be afraid of anything because you never know how it may turn out

    • Agreed, but I've asked women this same question and for the most part they seem to use hanging out and date interchangeably when they are too shy to ask the guy directly. If she wants to go on a date, many women I asked would say "lets hang out" then suggest a date like activity. As a guy though, I would never use hang out because I feel like it says "just friends".

    • yea it will always be that way but as long as you are the alpha male then stick to what you feel is all you and confident and I'm sure she will appreciate it and just go on from there but for the most part it should be you doing the planning driving and paying and shell love you for it

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