Should I give this guy a chance or wait until I’m ready?

I met this guy who seems to have qualities that I seek. He’s kind, welcoming, handsome and a Godly man.

My only issue is, I’m going through a stage in my life that is requiring me to heal and grow from past traumatic experiences with men. On top of that, I’m also getting over a guy who failed to move forward with me.

Although the recent guy is fairly new to me, he has amazing qualities and I find it really hard to spot a flaw in him. The only issue is, I’m still healing and moving on from someone. I’m also turning 20 this year so I’m still quite young and love isn’t on my priority list. I’m sure I’ll meet great guys throughout my lifetime as I start to age so even if I choose not to pursue this, I’m sure I’ll come across someone great in my future. The problem is this new guy really does stand out from all the guys that have ever romantically approached me. I do not feel a spark with this new guy however, and usually I go for guys that I feel a spark with almost immediately because it motivates me to get to know them.

What would you do in this situation or have you ever been in this situation? Please feel free to tell your stories and advise me on the next steps.

Thank you
Should I give this guy a chance or wait until I’m ready?
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