Does anyone else feel like they're walking a fine line when dating?

I don't know what it is about dating, but when I'm doing it I ALWAYS feel like I'm walking a thin line...that at any time she'll get up and walk away if I'm not always interesting.

not sure how that mentality developed, but am I just imagining it or do girls nowadays need someone who's constantly entertaining them in some way?


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  • All I can say is that you need to step away from this mentality. For me, when I was dating I would look at the date as an opportunity to have fun even though many times the dates were painfully not fun. If I ever felt like I needed to entertain the guy or be one way or another with him, that is a buzz kill for both of us. Even if you think it doesn't show, it does come out in your actions and it is artificial and just not sexy.

    If you focus instead on having fun, well for one it will be easier to spot the gal you are just not hitting it off with and not call her for another date. You also will be more genuinely you and you will attract the right girl, the one who likes who you are. Obviously we all have a certain level of extra courtesy and our best manners on the first date through many more dates, and that is fine, but feeling like we are a performing animal is not where it is at. Good luck!


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  • If you're not interesting I'll get up & go.


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  • I feel the same way mate. I cant, for example, be in the car on a car trip with my girl without needing to talk, or sing, or do something.. I couldn't sit there and be quiet... I'm always trying to think of things to do on the weekends with her.. I don't want to let her get bored of me...

    I think it could stem from a few things..

    It could be a self confidence thing.. maybe you think the other people she knows/hang around are better than you, so you want to do what you can to keep her.. you want her to remember the times she's had with you and you want her to feel good about every time you see her, so that in her eyes, you're the best..

    it could be that you yourself probably feel uncomfortable just doing nothing with her... ever thought you might be entertaining her so much, to keep yourself entertained...? I know I do this probably quite a lot, because my girl always tells me 'you don't have to always do something... just sit home and watch a movie' but then I feel like I'm being boring.. which is silly because that's what she wanted to do anyway.. so maybe its me that's bored...? you know...?

    Maybe you see yourself as a bit of a dull person, a bit of a boring person.. and you want to continually prove that you are not...

    it could be a few things man, but rest assures, I'm pretty sure a lot of guys (and probably girls too) get this...

    Just try not to over-do it... because if it is one of the above reasons, one day you'll feel comfortable knowing that she is happy to just 'be boring' with you, so to speak, but by then, if youve been exciting for so long, maybe she'll have got used to it... and won't want you to be 'normal' with her, so to speak..

    Im sorry if I'm not making too much sense, but just remember man, you aren't alone. Just don't stress, and listen to what she wants :)

    Feel free to ask me more if you want... if you think I've helped...

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