How to get guys to understand that I've never dated anyone before?

I have never been in a relationship before. I'm 25 and I am pretty (what I have been told). I'm not being full of myself or anything. Growing up I was never allowed to date mostly because my dad was very over protective and also because I have a disability and I am sure that he wanted to protect me as much as he could from being taken advantage of. I listened to my parents no questions asked so when they said something I did just that. I wasn't allowed to talk to any boys or even mention boys around my dad. I had a bunch of guy friends when I was growing up in school but we never had any feeling for each other we were mostly interested in beating each other in intellectual games and having common interests. I wasn't ever popular in school or asked out ever because people thought that I was a giant weirdo who was introverted I never even took sex ed i was too embarassed and anxious to learn about that stuff and I still am. I tried dating a guy once and I told him that I never dated before and i trusted him enough to let my guard down and as soon as I did he tried to take advantage of me and I got scared and stopped trying. Now that I am older and try to date its hard because guys do not want to believe that I have never dated anyone and they think I am lying and right when I get comfortable or we meet in person they try to have sex with me and I get scared and run away because i am not ready for that yet. No one wants to take it slow and get to know each other or they tell me that all girls want the same thing. It's frustrating cause i want to find someone but i can't find a guy that wants to take it slow. Advice?
How to get guys to understand that I've never dated anyone before?
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