Do's and Dont's when dating a guy?

What are the do's and dont's when seeing/dating a guy at the beginning?

About calling / texting ?

About sex (just teasing..kissing..oral ? )

Should the girl go for it ?

I am looking for undeclared rules, like the 3 day rule or things like that, as I am new in the dating scene and not sure how to act.

thanks :)


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  • communication: 3 day rule is mainly for guys, feel free to text him and say hello.

    don't leave him hanging, if you're busy or going to sleep, say so.

    don't be obsessive. take a little time in between texts/phone calls

    sex: don't give it up right away, as in like the first month of dating. the quicker you are into bed,

    the more we believe it was easier for someone else as well. personally, when I really like the girl

    I don't mind the wait at all

    dress modestly, we wanna see your boobs of course, but we don't want them on display

    for everyone else.

    should you go for it?

    i don't know what you mean, if this means initiate contact, sure go ahead. but should you lay yourself out there and be completely vulnerable? no...definitely not. give us just enough attention/flirtation to keep us interested and chasing but don't just lay it all out there, it's an instant game kill for us.

    hope this helps.

    • thanks that was helpful ! :)

      i really am a sexual person but don't want to be seem as the easy type, so would it be okay to not sleep with him, but fool around a little or will I just seem easy anyway ? what do you think?

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  • You'll find that normal is a dirty word when it comes to dating. One's person's rule can be another's dealbreaker. Things that work marvelously in one relationship may be a complete blunder in another. Be yourself, go at your own pace and find someone who can appreciate you for you.

  • 1) Try to talk to him at least once every 2-3days

    2) Don't rush into sex until YOU feel you're ready (this goes for anything sexual)

    3) If you like him, do your best to "show" him that you like him. (ie: hugs, hanging off his arm or being close to him)

    ...the rest is just done on the fly.

    • thanks!

      and if I don,t hear from him in 3 days, should I still text/call him or should I wait to see ? maybe he is not interested anymore and I will just look clingy ?

      i've been in a relationship far too long haha! :)

    • I would give it a solid week, if you don't hear from him in that time, then I would say maybe he is not as interested as you may have presumed him to be. Also, "no", calling every 2-3days on your part wouldn't necessarily be construed as "clingy", you're a girl, (to me at least) you're supposed to do that.

  • its a cliche, but its a cliche for a reason, "just be your-self"

    and don't play mind games.

    communicate as well as possible, keep as little secrets as possible and be there for him.

    but don't let him treat you with disrespect, ever.


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