After a first date, when should a second date be brought up?

I'm talking about in the context of when you have a first date and you think it goes well. Lots of laughing, smiling, joking, good conversation, good body language, good length of time.

When should the guy ask the girl out, if he's interested in seeing her again? Do you think bringing up a second date while still on a first date would seem too eager? What if he doesn't bring up a second date but you hug and he says, "I'll talk to you later." Do you think he's still interested but will contact the girl later?

This is going by the convention that its the guy's responsibility to initiate contact since he asked her out in the first place.

  • At the end of the first date, mention a second date
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  • After the first date, call/text within 3 days
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  • Neither/Other (Explain why...)
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  • I just want to see the results
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I won't plan another date while on that date. Just isn't my style. I've had women suggest doing something for a second date while we were on the first date. I simply said that sounds like fun, but made no concrete plans. Lets get through the night, see how it goes, and then we can go from there. But often times I won't immediately call back or shoot for another date.

    Unless I'm really falling for a girl, I'm not trying to make plans more than a couple days in advance. I might wait till the following Thursday or Friday before trying to make plans for a Saturday night. If they aren't free, they aren't free and I might ask again the next weekend.

    Fact is with almost all women I know, I might like them enough to want to see them again, but not enough to go booking up my schedule in advance. It's a matter of priorities I guess.


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What Guys Said 2

  • If the feelings are there, youshould discuss all this during the first date. What could be nicer than planning a second date together, after all?

  • Girls! Over-analyzing again. :-)

    She says/he says: ``How about tomorrow?''


What Girls Said 2

  • Well it can be both. Him asking while still on the first date is not over eager and him not immediately asking on the first date means nothing. So don't get worried if he doesn't ask immediately for a second date, maybe he's afraid or too shy to ask. If he likes you, he will ask!

  • next day or the day after next at the latest