I don't want him to think I'm cheating!

My boyfriend and I hang out all the time, and I love being with him. He has a lot of female friends, most of whom he's dated in the past. This bothers me, but because a lot of them are far away, he doesn't hang out with them often. I have a lot of male friends at our college, and I feel like I shouldn't hang out with them because I don't want him to think I'm cheating. He tends to act like he doesn't care, but I know that if he saw me hanging out with a male friend he'd flip out and probably get all quiet and say "whatever, do what you want". How do I find out what's OK and what's not OK? I tried having this conversation with him, but he thought it was just a way for me to put restrictions on him! I'm fine with him hanging out with his female friends as long as there's no touching. He likes to act like he doesn't care, but I know he does, and I don't want him to be suspicious of me, and I don't want to hide anything from him. What do I do?


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  • Firstly I would introduce your male friends to him, and let him see what kind of people they are. That would definitely make me feel easier about the situation (it could backfire). Be sure to let him know where you are going with those male friends, and don't put yourself in a situation where you can mess things up. (getting drunk at a party, for example, and ,you know, ending up *ahem* in bed). Once you build the trust with him, it will be fine and he won't worry.

    Secondly, don't get too carried away with the flirting with the guy friends and stand your ground if they go too far by backing off and telling them it is not ok. Slap 'em upside the head if needs be. Also if your guy friends don't respect your relationship don't be afraid to cut ties with them.


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  • Just briskly tell him that you're going to be hanging out with some guy friends at XX:XX and you'll be back at XX:XX or something like that. If he's got a problem with it, he needs to grow up.


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  • your purpose is to just have fun with your male friends right? so why not take him with you.that way he's gonna be able to know your friends better and same time be friends with them.

    if he knows they're not a threat,so maybe next time he'll just let you hang out with them without a doubt.

    we only wonder what's going on if we don't know.but once we know for fact all the worries will fly away.

    always remember that everything we do,we're giving our bfs the permission to do the same and vice versa.thats how it works.