Was I supposed to be a rebound??

I met this guy a month ago and when we met it seemed like we clicked instantly. We exchanged texts here and there and arranged to see each other a couple times but it never worked out. A month has passed and he contacted me recently and invited me to his place to watch movies THAT day. But I told him I couldn't and instead went 2 days later. We had fun, we were flirty and everything. We talked about relationships and he says he was with someone for a year and they broke up with him for an ex and it officially ended a few days prior to us hanging out. It instantly made me feel like I was his way of getting over her. We are VERY attracted to each other and we got a little heated up. He wanted to mess around but I insisted on leaving. Not only because of what he told me about his ex but because it was only our first time hanging out and we haven't even went on any dates. He walked me to my car, we kissed and he told me to text him when I got home. I did and told him to have a good night but he never replied. So do you think I was suppose to be a rebound? Was his feelings hurt because I left so abruptly? I really DO like him and am very attracted to him I just don't want to be used. Should I avoid contacting him?


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  • You texted him last so leave it be.


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