Has anyone ever dated an undocumented immigrant?

If so, where were they from? And what was your relationship like? Did you experience racism from outsiders? Or were people generally accepting? I want to hear your stories on what your relationship was like and what hardships you might have gone through or what you learned that has potentially enriched your life. :)


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  • You do realize that if racism is the issue, the person's immigration status has NOTHING to do with it, right? I mean, if a person doesn't like someone of a certain race they don't particularly care if that person won the green card lottery or snuck into the country.

    • I just feel like so many people don't know the truth about how hard it really is for the undocumented people who live here. While there are many of them who are involved in crime, there are many more citizens who are involved in the same shady business. Many of the illegals who live here are stereotyped unfairly when they do pay their taxes with an IRS number handed out by whatever state you live in. I've learned a lot just by being friends with those who came here for reasons that have little

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    • Thanks I liked our talk, you seem really intelligent! I hope there's more people who think like you in the world because it makes me so sad to see people trying to escape a hard life only to come upon one that's so much harder here! And it's true, people of our generation (I'm 21) need to be more involved in the government and start deciding where our money goes to instead of letting the government handle it all.

    • Yeah. The sad thing is getting young people involved in government usually translates into making government even bigger and interfering in the lives of people even more. Witness the entire Obama-youth appeal. And the endless class warfare about making "rich people" pay for everything instead of just not spending money on stupid sh*t. hahaha!

      I've enjoyed it too! Good chat!

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