What does it mean when a guy doesn't know what he wants?

Does that mean is wants to date other girls or that he just needs to figure out his life? Do guys tell you if their is someone else they are dating? We've been dating over two and a half years and he has been having some problems. He still wants to be with me. Any suggestions on what to do?


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  • Give him space and time to get his sh*t together.

    If he doesn't know what he wants, that's a pretty vague, blanket statement... You really don't need to worry about this. It's his issue and he's got to get through it on his own. Your involvement or prying might make him resentful. You can tell him you'll be there for him to support him, I take it you love him if you've been together for 2.5 years and then that should be good.

    If he told you he wants to still be with you, don't assume he's cheating. Has he had a recent career change or something happen with his family or a best friend?

    • Thank you for your advice. He got back from Iraq 6 months ago and is having family problems. I just wanted someone else's take on the whole situation because coworkers advice is he's just not that into you.

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    • He just started seeing a therapist. He is the same man I fell for but he is having a really hard time adjusting. He has his ups and downs. At first he wanted to be alone but now he seems to want to get out a little more.

    • I see. Well, I hope that his issues don't detract from your otherwise seemingly healthy relationship. Good luck and keep me posted if you ever think of it!

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  • What kind of problems? Communication... Bedroom...? How old is he and what does he do career wise? Is his life sorted out? If you had to get married tomorrow, will he be able to look after you...are there kids involved? Sorry about all these questions, but will help to help you.