How do you "long kiss" a guy?

Its my first time kissing a guy, I've done just a peck on the lips. But, I kind of want it to "expand" Help?


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  • I could show you, if I was near you and you want it. But to explain ... I don't know how. I can just say ... kiss him and stay "in touch" :) with his lips. Make it slow. Do like kiss and another kiss without even stopping to touch his lips with yours. Don't know how to explain more.

  • there's always a first time...nd thr's nothing to panic in it...!i cn tell you hw I did it...

    kissing is always about feeling..fell him first of all,run your fingers through his hairs nd stuff...

    try to lock your lips fr shorter duration at the start,fr a sec or 2..then open your mouth a bit nd kiss his upper/lower lip...make it a bit passionate,chick...!

    and yes,what is kind of want it to"expand"...?


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