Which of these two guys would you choose, and why, women?


- Keeps his appearence prim and proper

- Is in touch with his feminine side in his mannerisms and his appearence

- Is into his martial arts and working out at the gym

- Quite "geeky"

- Is intelligent, but has tendencies to be snobbish around people he deems less intelligent than him

- Is well spoken

- Always comments on literally everything his love interest posts on Facebook - or at least "likes" it - and uses literally every opportunity he gets to be around her.

- Hangs around with his interest's close guy friends a lot since he's been talking to her, and has forged a fairly close friendship with them, possibly based upon how close they are to her

- Has a very blunt, in-your-face sense of humour

- Teases his interest in front of his friends

- A "loud" sort of person

- Buys her coffees and the like at the College canteen

- Generally an open sociable guy


- His appearence is a bit "rougher round the edges", a sort of rock type guy

- Is a musician

- Is intelligent but expresses his intelligence in a subtle manner

- Keeps himself cool around his interest and at a distance - in that she isn't always the focus of his attention - but still does make an effort with her and treats her with respect

- Has a dry, subtle sense of humour

- Prone to the occasional teasing, but it's never personal or nasty

- A pretty introverted and laid back guy

- Never judges people on their appearence

- Shares similar musical tastes to her

- Is more "macho" in a way, in that he enjoys his beer and his football a lot

- Not immensely close to his interest's guy friends, but still considers them to be friends and gets along fine with them

- Can be quite moody and shy sometimes, and makes a few cynical remarks

- Is a man of simple pleasures

- Although quite mysterious in a way, opens up more when talking to his interest and becomes livelier

- Sometimes makes awkward and silly remarks when talking to his crush, out of the nerves of being around her.

Which one would you go for, and what are your reasons?


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  • Person A would be my choice. The only thing that would bother me is him being snobbish to people he deems less intelligent. But nobody's perfect, right.

    What I don't like about person B: keeps a distance from his interest, being macho and quite moody with cynical remarks. Also I don't mind the " rougher around the edges" so much, but the rock type guy...not really my type. And his teasing is never personal?! Is he any fun to be around?


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  • Posting this question again, huh? I think I'll go for A. I prefer geeks over musicians, and intelligent snobs make for the most fun and engaging debates, in my experience. Plus, free coffees.

  • Person B.

  • I pick Brad Pitt.


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