Ladies, how did you feel about your rebound relationship?

So you got out of a pretty long, mostly good relationship but you start dating again and get yourself a rebound boyfriend. How do you feel about this guy? Do you think you feel more intensely about him quicker then you did with your ex and what other details can you share?


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  • I thought that I cared much more deeply for the rebound, but I came to realize that I did not. Although I never poured my heart out to him over the recent breakup, he was there as an emotional crutch sometimes because it would have been 10 times harder to walk around fresh off a breakup as a single lady. So, I really needed someone to be close to for that difficult time.

    • Yea, I'm wondering if that's a fairly common thing. How long did you and your rebound last?

    • Not long at all. Then again, we were 2 weeks from graduating. However, I didn't want to have sex with him, so it would have ended anyway.

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