Ladies in a age where we are super feminine do you find it hard to be a tomboy?

I'm currently sporting what would none the less be called a grunge or tomboy /lesbian of the 90's look. I hardly ever shave, my hair is natural and I often put them in box braids without extensions. I cycle to work and don't care if I get bike grease on my clothes. I wear oversized tshirts with joggers and wide leg trousers. I wear foundation but it's mostly to even out my complexion. I pencil my eyebrows but they are already pretty thick. This is to fill in the gap and remove the shine that can make them disappear in photos.
I hardly have a smell and if you do smell anything it's from the natural oils I wear in my hair or the pheromones as i do not sweat because I wear deodorant.
My bike folds and weighs around 17kg I will lift it so I can get into the building at work and up some stairs. The other women act as if this is some mountain task.
I no longer have a boyfriend. And can't see myself looking for one as of yet.
I am into yoga and really getting into Buddhism.
It's awkward at work because I think they're convinced I may be a lesbian. At times I actually think they are discriminating against what they think I am.
I've been nothing but kind to all people at work but I think my niceness is too nice. They're finding it odd. Like I'm coming on to them.
Either way things have happened and well I am going through my version of the 'great depression' , but my performance at work has actually been pretty good. I just refuse to engage in all the bitching.
Ladies in a age where we are super feminine do you find it hard to be a tomboy?
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