Has any of your date turned into an mass event?

Yesterday I went for a date. Well it started off as a date and then somehow, people kept being invited to wherever we were going and from a two people date it soon went on to become a 7 people event. I felt really weird! Why would anyone want to do that?


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  • There's nothing wrong with meting people's friends and social circle. It helps you find out about them a lot quicker than in an aritifical one on one situation.

    • I agree there is no harm. but since it was the first time we were meeting up. I just wanted to spend some time with him to get to know him better... but maybe I am being a little selfish here! :P

    • Didn't you learn a lot about him from watching him with his circle? I would think you'd pick up on a lot of thigs that might escape you when you're one on one.

    • Thanks sweetheart!

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  • Maybe he wanted the introduce you to his friends.

    or maybe he was nervous or didn't want to make it award if it got to that point

    or maybe it was a mass event in the 1st place but he wanted you to tag along Or have someone to take.

    were they mostly girls or guys?

    • They were 3 guys and 4 gilrs (including me). It was just awkward and then I was asked like several times that I hope you arnt getting bored. at the end I decided to hell with it... I shall drink to my hearts content and enjoy! Date or no date!