Would you care if a girl you met in a club kissed other guys?

(after that night.)

would you have to like her? or do you get jealous with any girl you just kissed once?


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  • depends on the girl and the circumstances really if its at a club I maybe to drunk to mind but grossed out in the fact your not only swapping spit with her but another guy, who you don't know if he has something.

    if he likes you that kiss even though it was only one could ahve been a sign to him your interested in him too and he dosen't wanna share her.

    • what I meant is not kissing another guy in front of his eyes after meeting him.

      you both went home and text every now and then for a few weeks. he asked me more than once if I've flirted with other guys

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    • hmm ok...what if I never answered his question? would that make he think I'm a flirt too?

    • depends on his mood/ confidence at the time if he like me at all he will change his mind a million times, about that. all I can think of is if you like him flirt with him and see what happens ultimitly up to you

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  • Well, it's not like she's my girlfriend. Just some girl I hooked up with at a club. If I was still attracted to her I'd try to get her out again and hook up some more.

    • and in the second case you would mind if she saw other guys in the meantime?

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    • hm OK, thank :)

    • Cool! Give him a shot and let us know how it goes!

  • Well if I'm someone who plays the same game then I wouldn't mind. Would you mind?

    • you mean if you kiss different girls every night too?

      me? yea, with this particular guy I would mind.

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    • i just don't want him to think I'm desperate and can't get any other guy lol

    • do as you please he might play the same game :)

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