I haven't met a guy that I like in ages!

The guys that I'm dating SUCK and I hadn't had good sex in ages. So last night I had a one night stand with a HOT guy but now I'm thinking I can get used to this so easily. It's so comfortable and easy. But I always wanted a real relationship with a guy that I love. But I've met some guys that I'm not so crazy about. I don't know what to do. :\ and I'm thinking this isn't right.

P.S. I'm hot! and all the guys that I meet say 'Wow! how come you don't have a boyfriend?"

That's a good question! How come I don't have a boyfriend?!


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  • You're in good company, many people are so stressed they don't make good companions, so people wind up alone. Then there's the fact that commitment is difficult when you're insecure, as most people are in terms of their jobs right now!

    But that's not reason to become a slut, darling.

    • I know! But it's like there's always something missing. Like I was dating a guy that was perfect for me but he had to move back to his country! Now the guy that I'm dating is OK but I just don't like him and the sex is so disappointing! But you're right I'm sure that's not a reason to become a slut!

  • Lol the story just tells you why you don't have a boyfriend. All you want basically is sex and it's telling guys that "oh she's only here for sex, perhaps I'll make good use of her" instead of saying "i don't want sex now I'm looking into relationships.

    • I want sex too among other things. and recently two guys wanted to be in a relationship with me. But what bothers me is that I don't like that much :\ It's like it's difficult to meet the right one!

    • Are you sure your not urge for sex and don't want an boring relationship or you want sex but you want the right guy for the task.?

    • I want a loving relationship with good sex! I want it all!:D Nobody wants a boring relationship. I mean the whole one night stand thing gets so easy sometimes.You just go and pick the hottest guy in the club and take him with you! as opposed to the bad-in-bed guy that I'm dating!

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