I can't shake the feeling he is not texting me on purpose. What's wrong with him?

I've been talking a lot to this guy, and he has asked me out on a date. Normally we text for hours, but recently he's been ignoring me. I would write this off as being disinterested, but he asked me out on a date, so certainly he must be, right? Yes, he could be busy, but I can't shake the feeling he is not texting me on purpose. Am I overreacting, or is this his way of telling me that he doesn't like me?


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  • This is my own experience! not saying this is how it is, but when I asked a girl out, which I really liked, and she said yes, I dropped all intrest in her... don't know why but I had no feelings for her after that :)

    In your case it might be beacuse you were something he thought he couldn't "have" but when he could he lost intrest... what do I know! :D

    Ps. I was gonna go out with her but she got back with her old boyfriend before so win win for both :) I call it destiny

    • Thanks so much for answering. :) That exact same thing happened with me a year ago; we got to the dating stage, and I realized that I didn't want to be with him at all.

      As it turns out, the guy I was talking about in the question isn't--and wasn't--ignoring me, and we are actually in a relationship now.

    • haha :) no problems, Nice that you got togheter with him ;)

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