Guys do you get jealous when your friends (girls) hang out with other guys?

If they hang around with guys (which you didn't bother to notice are JUST friends)? Do you have feelings for them deep down if you do?

This one guy gets very very jealous if I do that. I thought he liked another girl, he may still do, or at least be attracted to her, BUT he doesn't, in any way shape or form, get jealous of HER guy friends. He's very friendly w her friends and talks to them where he avoids me and mine if they are around. HELP?


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  • No. It's pointless and in the end it only punishes me.

    • Hmm...are you saying you try and avoid it? When you say it punishes you, why? Do you happen to have feelings for that friend?

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    • That's understandable. I was just merely trying to understand why my friend was like that. I thought he didn't like me (I do have feelings for him ) but tried my best to do whatever & hang out w different people. This didn't mean romantically, at all. It just happened to be a guy. When I said hello, to be polite & offered for him to join us and others, he, although he had just arrived, said he was leaving in 10 minutes. I just didn't quite understand why. He seemed pretty awkard - just wondering.

    • A lot of people are socially awkward, and still other people are closet douchebags.

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