Around what age do women start to chase after unsocial men?

The kind of men that don't have many or any friends and don't approach women, but more because they are loners rather than losers. Assuming these guys are desirable, but are not willing to pursue women for any reason


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  • Dating is a two way street. You can't expect a woman to pursue you if she doesn't know you exist. Plus you have to pursue to some degree, or else she won't think you are interested.

    • Well of course, I would reciprocate interest if a woman asked me out

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  • Uh... never? lol I've never been interested in those kind of men and I don't know any of my friends that are. That probably happens around the same time men start to chase after ugly, fat girls lol

    • Well ugly and fat women have no value to men. Quiet, loner men do have value to women so it isn't an apt analogy

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    • Did I say that you have to have a million friends? No. I just said that when women are dreaming about that special man they wanna marry, quiet/loner do not pop into our heads. We'd prefer he was neither.

    • Plus, you already said that ugly and fat women have no value to men but then freak out if I find a standard like that for women lol YOU seem pretty high school to me

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  • Never, at 15-35 they chase hot guys, at 35+ they chase rich guys.

    Gain currency > Aquire women.

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