Should I Just Forget About Him?

So I asked this guy I really like a lot and want to date did he like me. he said yeah and then I said well like as a friend , more than a friend, or does he just like me cause I do stuff to him..he said he likes me cause I do stuff to him and I'm down...should I stop talking to him or just stop seeing him period? I really like him

( I even lost my virginity to him) I feel like this is a bad thing and I don't know what to please? :(


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  • It seams like he only wants you for what you do to him and not for the communication being spread between you two. If you like him I'd talk to him about your feelings and what he'd want out of the relationship besides sex and what not. If that's all he wants out of the relationship, then I suggest you move on to a guy who likes you for who you are and not what you do.


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