Is there anything wrong with online dating?

I go on a bunch of different sites, some you have to be 18 to be on. I date older guys only so I figure its okay and I'll tell them later. is that not cool?

and other sites with like chat rooms and stuff. I meet a lot of different people on there. I give out my number a lot becasue I love texting and talking on the phone. Is it safe?

my best friend tells me not to do it, but I can't help it. if I don't have a guy to talk to I feel lonely and ugly.


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  • it seems you are a very jolly girl than... your friend is right you should not share your number with everyone... because it may because you trouble in future... I will suggest.. talk every boy but don't trust on everyone... in respect of exchanging mobile number it come very personal stuffs... so just chat with that boy... do emailing... see his reply... and after at least one or two months good communication I mean chatting give him your number... if he asks your number in 10-15 days.. tell him be patient ... and tell me more about yourself... see his reply... after his good reply (if you find it nice) give him your number.. :) and yes why you feel ugly... lol I mean I can understand lonely ... but why ugly..? :) don't feel ugly believe in yourself! :)


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  • You're so naive, my gosh, haven't you ever seen To Catch a Predator? Online dating isn't bad but giving out your number in chatrooms is so dangerous you have no idea who you could be talking to. It's so disgusting when a girl feels like they need a guy to feel pretty, no you do not, I'm your age and if I didn't have a boyfriend I'd be completely fine. You're way too young to be this melodramatic about needing a guy, you have friends so you won't get lonely and clearly if a guy's your only way to feel pretty there's a huge problem and you have to get over that or your real relationships that don't come out of a chatroom, a pedophile's watering hole, will be completely ruined because you'll be so codependent on the guy to give you self assurance and self esteem that you can't seem to give to yourself.

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