Most years two people can be apart and still date?

How may years can two people be apart to still date? I say 13 is the verge very very farthest but normally like 7 or 8 and even that can be pushing it, my parents are 5 years apt which is alright I guess. Love does not conquer creepiness.

Whats your opinion ?

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As in age difference


Most Helpful Guy

  • Do you mean the age gap, or the length of time they haven't seen each other? Not exactly sure what you meant - you might want to update your question and make that clear for others who might come and answer.

    For age gap, it can be anything really, so long as love is involved. It depends on the actual age though - a 20 year old dating a 5 year old would be seriously looked down on in most societies, but a 50 year old dating a 35 year old wouldn' least not as much. Generally though, I'll have to assume couples are more comfortable being with someone of similar age, due to the whole 'lifespan' thing as well as 'lifetime accomplishments' as well, so if I had to Vote on the age gap thing, I'd pick A.

    If it was about the length of time someone could not see each other and remain in love or faithful, it really depends on how long that relationship has gone on. If they'd been in love for 50 years then had to spend 10 years apart, it would last. If they had been in love for a month and had to spend a year apart? It wouldn't last six months. So again, for a distance gap, I'll probably vote A again.

    Either way I'm voting A. Hope I made sense? :)


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What Girls Said 3

  • ive known married couples that are 16 years apart, 20 years, 8 years, 2, years, etc.

    it all depends on if its real love or not, that's what makes it last.

  • I thought you meant how long two people could go without seeing each other so I voted A. Ooopsss :)

    If you mean age difference I vote E. I think maturity, interests, and personality are more important than age. However, those things are often associated with age.

  • I voted C for a reason..

    My sister and her boyfriend of 8 years so far hardly see each other.. but theyre not exactly in love and do date other people its just the distance that has slowly let go of each other

    • lol well I won't date anyone less than 2 years older and not more than 5 years older

      im 17 Id date 19-22 year olds

      so my vote goes to C anything more than 8 years is too much

What Guys Said 1

  • D, who gives a sh*t. Age difference isn't what matters, just the age itself. If they tend to still be in college or younger it might be a waste of time because they're likely still immature/changing in personality/whatnot so even if you get along great at that moment it's rare it'll last because of the change in personality which will lead to stress.

    The only reason age difference "matters" is generally because too big of a difference and you'll find that they're from different times in the same culture which leads to different values and that can lead to stresses on the relationship. But in general, no big deal. I've seen people 20 years apart who have been married for about 30+ years and likely staying married until death.