Drunk on the first date :(

Hi, I met a guy through a male friend of mine whom I had a fling with years ago but have remained close to friendship wise. Anyway this guy and I seemed to hit it off immediately and I felt a strong chemistry. We all went to dinner later that night and things were going pretty well and I got a good vibe. Unfortunately I drank to much and ended up crashing out early when we got home. I have been on meds that make drinking worse and I think that is what hit me :( I am now worried he won't respect me or want to see me again :( I was thinking of touching base, giving a brief apology in a light hearted way and asking if he would like to hang out again soon minus my ex! lol.. Any advice from guys would be greatly appreciated! He is the first person I have felt such a strong attraction and interest in and am extremely worried I may have spoiled my chances. Thanks! :)

Lastly as I was so drunk we didn't end up exchanging numbers! :( My friend gave it to me however as he knows we were both interested. Do you think he will mind if I give him a call? I have honestly never asked a guy out before, a little old fashioned like that! lol.. Do you think he will mind? Do guys like it if a girl shows interest and makes the "first move"? Cheers :)


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  • So what if you drank a little bit more than your liver can support? That shouldn't be an issue for a man, but thing is don't do it regulary while with him or if you're going to get involved in a relationship with him, never do it again. You may drink a glass or two but don't cross the line cause perhaps he won't like that or if he does, he'll treat just like another girl and take advantage of you and then you'd be the one who'd be sorry and feel sh*tty. Just be careful! And if you actual like this guy then you should tell him how you feel about him either through signs or simple talk ;)

    • Thanks for your honesty and opinion :) I will call him today and let you know how I go. I am mainly upset at myself I think.. lol.. I have learnt my lesson about mixing meds and wine that is for sure. I most certainly won't do it again, I know personally if the roles were reversed I would have understood and not minded at all. If it happened regularly maybe I would be a little concerned! haha.. Other than that I think it is purely that I really like him that has made me overly concerned! Thanks!

    • You're welcome dear.

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  • Not too many guys will be put off by that. Many guys drink too much to bolster their courage on a first date and often also overdo things. .

    • Thanks for the advice, I hope you are right! I do agree, I am just a stress head and really interested in him. After my last relationship which was nearly 2 years ago now

      I have yet to meet someone that has sparked my interest so much :) Anyway thanks again :)

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