Contact him or not??

I had a very short fling with a guy that I really like. It lasted only 3 weeks. It was so short because I'm going to be in Thailand for the next two months. The first couple weeks of getting to know each other was great! The last week was different though, like he pulled away. What I don't know for sure is if he pulled away for fear of getting hurt, or pulled away because he wasn't into the relationship anymore.

The last conversation we had was basically like this "It was good to meet, had a lot of fun hanging out... good luck with things over the summer..." very platonic. I want him to know that I really like him though and am thinking about sending him a message so that he knows. When I get back, I want to start seeing him again.

So do I send the message, or do I just wait it out over the summer and see what happens when I get back?


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  • wait til over the summer...once you get to thailand you could very well forget about him being enveloped in the whole new country experience. plus you could fall in love with some thai guy. hey that rhymed. I heard they dig american women. I say wait til you get back if you still feel that way then tell him...peace


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  • send the message! You definitely gotta do that so you could let him know that you wanna see him again. the message should sound like this "Hey, when I get back from Thailand can we see each other again?" and wait for his response.

    • i was going to say something like "try to avoid getting to serious with anyone before I get back... I really want to be able to hang out when I get back..." how's that? too forward?

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    • haha OK ok! I thought it would be cute/funny... apparently not! thanks for the advice!

    • Welcome dear =)

  • I say send the message chances are you will regret it if you don't wondering what would have hapenned if you had sent it to him


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