He has not contacted me yet?

We had a great night together and even had sex and the next morning he tells me how he had such a good time and has the biggest smile because of it. Then I don't hear from him at all the whole weekend? I usually hear from him everyday too...whats up with this?


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  • Call him and see what's up. You should ask him directly not us cause we couldn't know what's happening lol

    • I already sent him a what's up text. Got nothing back from him. I don't wanna send another one because that might seem too...i donno clingy or whatever.

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    • I just feel weird now...I usually hear from him everyday. Maybe he really didn't have a good time like he said he did?

    • I have no idea what to say, wish I could help you in a way or another but there's nothing much you can do neither do I but to wait for a reply, try not to think about it. you just aggravate your state of mind :)

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  • Maybe he's busy?