He is dating this girl that doesn't allow him around me?

Well my best friend is a guy...he is dating this girl that doesn't allow him around me and he has to lie every time he hangs out with me I don't know what to do because this kinda makes me mad because we are really close...please give me some advice ha...


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  • This is so common and frustrating. I myself have so many guy friends most of which are really close.

    One suggestion is why don't you try to hang out with his girlfriend? She is obviously threatened by the closeness you and her boyfriend share. You have already taken the first step by posting the GAG question to stop this situation from turning into a giant void between the two of them and the two of you.

    For example: My BFF Luke started dating this girl and she instantly hated me because we were so close. For a few months I avoided the two of them, but I missed my best friend so I started inviting them as a couple or her alone to hang out and now they are married and all three of us are Best friends and super comfortable with each other, In fact, I am moving into their basement suite June 1st.

    You never know what can happen until you try. I love Luke's wife and I would have missed out on having her in my life if I hadn't bothered trying


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  • Here's some advice, tell him you won't hang out with him until he stops lying to his girlfriend. Here's some more advice, make friends with his girlfriend.


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