Girls-is it weird if a guy uses online dating?

I went to a very small conservative school, so the social interactions were nothing like the real world. I have a ton of friends from college, but I'm home for the summer, and I want to meet some cool girls, but I don't know very many, and the ones I do know, I wouldn't consider dating.

Do you consider it weird for a guy to use online dating? I just want to find a descant girl without having to weed through all the others.


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  • Not weird at all for a guy to try online dating, it could be tough though, girls online can be very cautious and stuff. Depends what site you use to. I've gone on, which is a great site. They have quizzes and a quiver that matches you to someone that you have similar interests in, that is once you answer questions, it'll open up. The site explains all that. I did get to talking to a lot of guys on the site, almost met one too but it backfired on me cause of my friends did trust it. Online Dating I think is easier for guys, but that just my opinion. I find it tough. But ya never know, your girl could just be a mouse click away! ; )


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