I only talk to this girl online, should I call her out on it?

we've only seen each other in person twice. But 99% of the time, we talk online/text. I asked her out once before, and she said she couldn't go at that time. I never asked again. We still maintained almost daily online contact though. I'm sort of getting tired of the online stuff, and feel like asking her why we only ever talk online, and that we should hang out in person more.

I feel like this should have been done a long time ago, but my dumb ass didn't do anything about it. This girl is really special, different then other girls I've met in a very good way. I don't want to keep this online based any longer.

should I call her out on it?


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  • Don't call her out on it, ask her to hang out again. Just put it to a drawn out time, like "over the weekend" or "next week", that way if she says that she's too busy, you know she's full of it. That'll let you be flexible enough to assure that she's be able to go out if she wants to, or you'll realize that she has no interest in you if she shuts you down again.

  • Nah, just delete all contact channels with her, she might get the message.