Men: when you are dating/in a relationship with a woman, how do you deal with the subject of food?

When you're dating or wining/dining, and you seriously want to eat like 10x a day, and your woman may not necessarily, but doesn't want to be a party popper or neglect her figure, how does that make you feel? This is pretty interesting, my Dad, and younger brother are notorious for this, let alone many other men. You guys eat more naturally, but also burn more calories naturally too, and it's like annoying sometimes, because it's like well "we only just ate an hour ago, and you're contemplating eating again", how is a woman supposed to maintain whatever figure she has, that obviously attracted you to her in the first place? You don't want us to be self-conscious, insecure, and lack esteem and confidence in ourselves, not to mention, you don't want us to get fat, depending on what your definition on beauty is, but in spite of all of this, you want us to pig out with you all day? Men and women explain your stories/experiences/opinions/advice.

Listen I love food, I come from a West Indian background, therefore, we eat good, and I'm not obsessed or superficial in anyway, but I'm just curious. Because, I understand how that feels, it can lead the woman to be self-conscious, especially If she is trying to watch what she eats, but frustrating for the man, because he just wants to eat, and may assume/pretend that her figure is effortless, and that she is just perfect. So eating pizza, ice-cream, and like 50 burgers won't affect a thing...Ha!


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  • I'm on a really strict diet, so I can definitely understand.


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  • Wow, women confuse the f*** out of me.. Do you actually worry about this stuff?

    If you hungry just eat, if your not.. Don't eat! Jeez

    • No, I'm not worrying nor losing sleep over this silly? Ha! I'm just talking about it really. My Dad does that a lot, and I know he's not the only one. If he wants to eat 15x a day, he will make sure that you also, eat 15x times a day as well, and there are no questions asked about it. He doesn't care.

      Jamaica Outtttttttttt

  • I eat what I want, when I want. If she doesn't want to eat, she doesn't eat. But if she starts acting bitchy, she's getting a snickers inside her whether she wants it or not.

    • Haha to spite her? Yeah, My Dad is the same way. If he's eating, so are you, whether you like it or not. He is not the man to want to be cute around, regarding food haha.

      Jamaica Outtttttttttt

    • Nah, most women I've been with get cranky if they haven't eaten in awhile. So I tell them to snack on something. They usually don't realize they're so hungry and they do want a snack, lol.

    • well that's understandable, male or female period.

      Jamaica Outttttttttttt

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