He wants to have secrets?

We've been seeing each other for almost 6 months. I can be untrusting, but we'd established that and lately I've gotten better. We got in a fight the other day Because he came over and I wasn't there. He swears he told me he was but all he said before was "see you later". I told him that I'd appreciate him telling me when he's coming over, because it's become assumption that we hang out so much that I don't know like on the rare chance he couldn't hang out I wouldn't know about it till it's too late for me to make other plans...he put up a fight on why he didn't have to tell me when he was coming over when all I was asking for was a time range so I'd know when to be there.

Eventually it turned into him resenting me for him not feeling like he could have any secrets...he used the word secrets...I do question him but not terribly much and he resents me...

I should have specified my questions...how bad is it he resents me? Why would it be wrong to give me a time? Why would he want secrets? (like he used the words secret and all the implications that come along with it keep running through my head)


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  • a relationship is about trust


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  • You two need to talk. Start by telling him how much you enjoy your relationship etc... Reassure him you don't have secrets but if he wants to see you then he needs to arrange it with you before hand.