He basically played us both, advice?

this guy was basically romancing two girls as the same time. he would I guess make it seem like he was dating no one but he was trying to get both. well, his little game was discovered and now he doesn't know what to do, I think he really is trying to still get both but the look on our faces say NO WAY.

Question is : what to say to him exactly.

dont want to be mean just want to be honest but firm


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  • Well honestly, why give him the choice? This guy sounds like a loser if he was trying to deceive two women at the same time. Why give him the pleasure to have two wonderful ladies fighting over him so to speak. I mean it seems kind of silly that you would let yourself be a choice, instead of waiting for a guy who will make you a priority and not play with your feelings like that.

    I would personally just drop him, that gives him a firm message that you won't be played. Besides, you deserve better than to have a guy make you just an option.


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  • Have a foursome with him and the 2 girls.

    • I guess it'll be what you can never do, jk but serious answers were wanted :)

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  • Just ignore him. This will happen to you many times in your young adulthood, unfortunately.

    • thanks:)

    • Just remember...it's not your problem that someone is a jerk.