Where to take a 16y/o girl on a date?

So going to the movies for me is out of the question and well as a bonus its our first date. The more creative the better. So. anyone?


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  • Ice skating, picnic on the beach, hiking, rock climbing (either outdoors or in a gym), sporting event, pumpkin/apple picking.

    You basically want to go anywhere that you guys can get to know each other while engaging in a no-pressure activity. The typical dinner and a movie date is a pressure cooker because all of the focus is on basically interviewing each other during dinner and then trying to figure out if the other person is enjoying the movie.

    • Those are good. I think ill go with the rock climbing as we both like sports and it be a good "trust in me" activity. Be fun dow.

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  • ice skating! you can't go wrong with ice skating. beach or picnic would be to personal.

  • Park



    Batting Cage

    That's all I can think of.


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  • If you live in the stl area I suggest laumeir sculpture park off of watson rd near geire if its not too cold. It is where I took my girl friend on our first date and she loved it. she went as far as to brag to all her friends. you could also try the city museum. we went to the zoo and forest park on our 2nd date, unfortunately its a little cold for both of those. Union station has cool shops and some cool free attractions, all of these are relatively cheap but also very fun and memorable.

  • shooting range.skating?picnic on the park is cool too dude.girls love it when its simple but yet complicated

  • You're 19 and you're taking a 16 year old out on a date?

    Maybe it's different in Puerto Rico.

    Anyway, I would do something where you both are active. Dancing, batting cage, mini-golf. otherwise I would go to the Zoo. Something where you're entertained and active, may release the tension of the first date and will put a smile on both your faces.

    Good luck!

    • What those that mean? 2 and a half years ain't that much of a difference, and like if the U.S. is so far behind on the age gap thing.

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    • Dude who ever said I was in it for the sex? Second I didn't ask her out she asked me out.

    • That's why I said, "if you guys were to do it." I just know a lot of people who date have sex, may not be your case, I just didn't know, I've seen shows on NBC about some stuff.

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