Should I say I want to date him?

This guy and I have been talking for a little over a month and we have already had the "I like you" talk and we kissed right before school got out. We've texted every day since then (its been about two weeks) and I really like flirting with him like that but I'm not sure if I should bring up actually dating. We're apart for the whole summer but I thought he should at least know that I wouldn't mind going even further with our potential relationship. Should I bring it up? And if I do, when? And how? I'm awful with these kind of things...

Thank you for you help! I appreciate it a lot.


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  • Ultimately it's up to you, anything you do will probably end up the same...but I wouldn't bring it up. See what he does. He already knows you like him, so he assumes you wanna date

    • Okay thanks...I wasn't sure if he would assume that or not...

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  • Ummm... I'm going to try to help but if you like the guy tell him that you like him. if he likes you back that is better. I've been in 4 relationships 3 turned out okay but I'm still with my 4th. If you have to just ask him either over the computer or texting if you are scared to admit it to his face. I'm not good with talking either but I am good with the eletronics or writting when it comes to talking. If possible you should bring it up before he leaves so he knows and if possible about a week before you separte for the summer. I'm trying so I hope this helps.

    • Thanks for helping I appreciate it.

      We're already separated for the summer and him and I already have talked about liking each other. I'm just not sure if now is the right time to tell him I want to date him or not...What do you think about that? Should I wait till we're together or will a text do?

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